Stan Lee Jokes 'Deadpool' Cameo Made Him "Damn Mad"
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Stan Lee says the ‘Deadpool’ strip club cameo is not his favorite.
Stan Lee says his favorite Marvel movie cameo is not the one most fans would likely assume.During a recent interview at MegaCon, the man who helped create some of the world’s most beloved superheroes told the crowd that all wasn’t as it seemed when he appeared in Deadpool, the critically acclaimed box-office smash starring Ryan Reynolds.In the film, Lee appears as a DJ at a strip club. The film is rated R, partially for the nudity in that scene.”I don’t know if I should tell you the truth about that cameo. It will kill all your fun,” said Lee. “I was not in the topless dancing place. I did that in a studio and then they put it into the movie, and I’m damn mad about that!”

He continued, “I made them promise on the next one, I’m going to be right there.”

Lee has had a cameo in numerous films about the characters he helped to create, and he said he has a string of movie shoots lined up in the near future.

“I’m going somewhere on the East Coast, Delaware or somewhere, where they’re shooting three cameos at one time,” Lee told the crowd. “I’ve got to be there either next week or the week after, and I’m going to do three cameos for three different movies. Now, I don’t know what the movies are. I don’t know what the cameos are, but I know I’ll damn well be there.”

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